Tips to Quit Pot

People have discovered that there is a definite trick to knowing how to quit smoking weed and that trick actually comes in the form of fooling your mind. Even though people say that marijuana is not physically addictive, anyone who has actually used marijuana regularly understands that the brain definitely becomes accustomed to it. There are even for many pot smokers physical withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia that occur when they quit. So, this brings us to the point of this post today.

My top three tips for how to quit smoking weed:

1. Stay active. When a person is going through the quitting process part of their body just wants them to lay down and take it easy. Because stopping marijuana can increase stress and discomfort, many marijuana addicts think that the best policy is to simply ride it out on the couch or drink a few beers and pass out. This is actually the wrong way to go about quitting. What you want to do is activate your body in an activity like sports or other form form of exercise. When you are actively moving around, your brain has to fire up to control your movements. Because of this your brain does not lie “idle” ruminating over and over again about how it does not have any marijuana. Therefore, if you have some buddies that are into basketball, for instance, trying to spend an hour or two partaking of physical activity can help you successfully quit marijuana by getting you through the first few days.

2. Go to Marijuana Anonymous. I know that most marijuana addicts do not like to think of themselves as drug addicts with a problem. Unfortunately this is why so many potheads are never able to quit smoking weed in the first place. The reasoning baffles me. Do you not buy your weed from a drug dealer and use it to get high? Then how is it that you do not consider it a drug and yourself a marijuana addict in need of a solution. At MA you will learn the 12-steps and how to ask God to remove your compulsion to use pot. I know that most weed addicts do not think of God or a higher power very often, but you will be surprised how opening your mind to spiritual principles can help you when trying to give up marijuana.

3. Quit Alcohol. One of the biggest mistakes that marijuana addicts make when they are trying to quit weed is to double down on their alcohol consumption. Part of the reason why they do this makes. They are in withdrawal from the weed and they want to do something that will minimize their pot cravings. Alcohol will take your mind off of uncomfortable marijuana withdrawal symptoms. However, if you start drinking you are weakening your judgment and will power and will, once you are inebriated, find it very difficult to avoid smoking pot if you can find any. For that reason it is strongly advised that you abstain from all alcohol for the first six months that you are not smoking pot.

I hope you found these my top tips to quit pot useful. I know that many marijuana addicts reading this right now are struggling to stay clean from this terrible motivation-killing. The good news that I want to share with you is that you can do it if you stay dedicated and are willing to take spiritual principles and allow them to carry you to the next level. Good luck.

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4 Responses to Tips to Quit Pot

  1. Wade says:

    I can say that I am a marijuana addict and I truly want to quit; my problem is that I am an agnostic, and I do not believe in the bible. You say that we should open our minds to spirtual principles, but I have opened my mind to it for many years and this is the open-minded choice that I have made. I do not see how MA could help me in this regard.

    • admin says:

      The good news is that with MA (and any 12 step program) you do not have to believe in the bible at all. You will never hear people at a twelve step meeting talking about the Bible. MA is not a christian fellowship — though there may be christians among us. It is a spiritual program for people who are willing to accept the possibility that they are not the only source of knowledge in the world. You can use many things, including the group itself and principles such as love and honor, as your higher power. Nobody will judge you at all if you do not believe in Jesus!

  2. DietCokehead says:

    Wade, it’s all good brother. You don’t need to quit for anybody but yourself. I smoked weed multiple times daily for 8 years, and I felt the same as you.

    You just have to quit for you man. I didn’t need any program, I just separated myself from situations where I would be tempted to smoke pot.

    It meant stopping hangout with my toking friends, but they were not going anywhere anyways, all they wanted to do was smoke pot all day. It seems hard at first but once you start filling up the time you spent stoned with productive activities you’re going to feel a hundred times better both physically and mentally.

    The first few weeks are hard and very tempting, but you just have to remind yourself that this is whats best for you.

    It’s hard but we’ve all been there with you man, you can do it too! Best of luck.

  3. Digit says:

    u want to stop smoking herb, u A) decide u want to stop smoking the herb, and B) stop smoking the herb. :P

    of course the issue may be complicated if u either A) have a medical dependency (reccognised or not) that you have been self medicating for, and/or B) been smoking it with addictive substances, and created a strong association, in which case, separate the association, quit the herb, and then work on quitting the addicting substances.

    it shouldnt be so difficult as to require u to seek help. :P sorry if this offends anyone, but this site offends me. ridiculous.

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