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How to Quit Smoking Weed. We have shared the best and complete guide covering all the tips and topics to help you quit marijuana easily forever. Anyone who tried Marijuana either totally felt repelled towards it, or totally loved it. Since several states in the US and in Europe legalized the use of marijuana, and it is pretty easy to get to a joint, we all know that it can create addiction. We have nothing against the use of marijuana from adults occasionally, but everyone should know that the repetitive use of weed can have bad influences on the overall well-being and health. If you want to quit smoking weed, we have the exact steps and guide on how to stop smoking weed forever. Marijuana can have both negative effects and create addiction!

Short Term Negative Effects of consuming marijuana

Ouit WeedConsuming marijuana overall has a bad influence on health. We can easily divide them in short and long term effects. The short-term effects of marijuana consumption contain: inaccurate perception, difficulties with memory and remembering knowledge, decreased ability to coordinate, problems with thinking and problem-solving thinking, increased heart rate and blood pressure problems. Also, sometimes, marijuana can cause anxiety, fear, mistrust and panic attacks, but this mostly depends on the type and mean of consumption.


Long Term Negative Effects of consuming marijuanaLearn How to Quit Smoking Weed with us

If these short-term effects were the only ones, the overall use experience of frequent marijuana use would’ve to be accepted. However, this is not the case, because there are tons of other additional effects on the long term. That’s why you need to fight addiction! On long-term, the continuous usage of marijuana can cause 3 huge problems:

Effects on the brain

When you become a long-term addictive user of marijuana you need to deal with: hallucinations, disorientation, impaired memory, and delusions.

Effects on the heart 

effects on the heart

A few minutes after smoking weed, the heart starts beating rapidly and blood pressure drops. The influence of the weed can speed the heart rate from 20 to 50 times a minute if you use it on a long term. Because of low blood pressure and increased speed of heartbeat, the researchers concluded that heart attack risk among users of weed is 4 times higher.

Effects on the lungs

lungsSmoking weed can cause numbness and dry mouth and throat as a severe cough. Scientists show that those who regularly smoke marijuana may have the same respiratory problems as tobacco smokers including Living a cough, frequent acute chest pain, increased risk of lung infections, difficulty breathing.

Now as we confirmed the negative consequences of being addicted to marijuana, we will continue with some marijuana addiction information.


Dependence or addiction to Marijuana

AddictionA really popular notion is circling around anyone that know or use marijuana. This notion is that marijuana does not create addiction. This is not true and it is confirmed by multiple studies and specialists in the business. More specifically, the NIDA reports that somewhere between 17-18% marijuana users get addicted. About 3 million just in the US are struggling with marijuana addiction. Additionally, if you look at the search data on search engines like Google or Bing you’ll see that there are more than one thousand searches per day related to this topic.

As a creator of this review of Quit Marijuana the Complete Guide, we decided to do a little research. One of our friends was actually addicted to marijuana and decided to share his experience with us. We fully present his experience with the addiction. Note that he was 29 when he started using marijuana.

Real testimonial:

“I first tried weed when I was 28.I did it simply of curiosity.

After that, little by little, smoking “weed” developed to be a consistent weekly habit that brought a short-term relief in my mind. When I smoked marijuana, the intensity of the thoughts and thinking was reduced. In a way, it was my revolt against life itself.

I was sensitive and I had problems with emotional control. Smoking marijuana gave me the illusion that I’m less emotional and more it put me in a position of observer of life. It has improved my communication skills and creativity. BUT, gradually I started smoking weed more frequently. I increased smoking marijuana for about 4 times a week in average. Those days, I smoked an average of 2 to 7 joints a day.

After a while, the ‘positive effects’ of the marijuana disappeared, but I continued to smoke because I started being needy and addicted. Generally, after smoking weed, all my energy and concentration decreased and I started to feel the adverse side effects such as fatigue, lethargy, decreased enthusiasm, inertia etc. I tried several times to quit smoking marijuana, but after short periods and internal struggle it still went on. As I developed the habit, I felt like something that leads me to do it. I had a marijuana addiction problem.”

HOWEVER, Marijuana Addiction Problem can be solved and anyone can stop smoking weed PERMANENTLY. Here are several methods that you can try, with different success rates, methods, techniques and efforts.


Different Methods and Techniques You Can TryBeat smoking

This is all done by several techniques used in the Quit Marijuana – The Complete Guide. We will go step by step and inform you how to make use of this guide.

The How to Quit Smoking Weed program that we will present today has already saved thousands of users around the globe. The best thing is that it doesn’t require going to paid treatments or doing something that will require spending money from you.

You are probably reading this because you already tried several methods unsuccessfully. We fully understand you, but will power can’t help you battling such strong addiction. It is something like smoking addiction, which is one of the hardest addictions to overcome.


The Complete Guide


Quitting marijuana by yourself with your own will

Success rate: lowbroke smoking
But there is a science why you can’t quit smoking marijuana. The body stores THC and you are getting THC even after few days from your supposedly last joint smoke. So, even if few days pass you always feel like something is not right with you. Like something is missing in your body. Your body send signals to the brain and you feel like you need to smoke marijuana and that is what is making quitting the weed a hard thing to do. You need a better strategy, but the willpower can’t be your sole weapon in your fight against weed addiction. If you have strong dedication you can succeed, but the probability is really low. In the first nervous moment or stress, you will most likely get back to try smoking for the “last time”.


Quitting marijuana through Rehab

Success rate: low

rehabAnother thing you can try is also rehabbed. Yes, there are rehab centers for quitting marijuana and drugs overall. However, they cost a lot of money and require lots of effort to succeed. You must go to meetings, follow certain boring rules and dedicate your time fully to it. This means that you’ll huge chunks of time every day. Additionally, you may even not find a rehab center that is treating marijuana in your country. This is because marijuana is not considered as hard drugs like cocaine or heroine. So, rehab should be last in your options to quit smoking marijuana.


Quitting Marijuana Addiction Through Medication .

Success rate: low

imagesTreatments from physicians are a solid option. Clearly, they are one of the best options because they have the medications to help you, but there are problems here as well. Although they may suggest some drugs that can partially help, currently you can’t find a drug that can fully help you, but who is FDA approved. Some are in a test phase, but still, currently there isn’t such drug. So, watch out from physicians that are promising that they can help and examine their recommendations before trying anything because they can create more harm than good. On top of that, some medication can have strong side effects and additionally ruin your health.


Quitting marijuana dependence through psychology

Success rate: low

images (2)Psychology is more like the willpower technique we talked about. It is possible, but it can’t guarantee that it will help. This is mostly because again of will and psychological tests the mind will be put through. When we are put to the test, it is most likely that most individuals will be weak and continue smoking. Not only that, going to psychiatrists require lots of money and time. Usually, this kind of treatments are not covered, and it is not guaranteed that they will help. Although, if you try a psychiatrist to help you with your addiction, then again, like the physicians, watch out who and where you go to.


Quitting marijuana through Meetings (Anonymous)

Success rate: low

meetingsLike meetings for alcoholism, there are also marijuana anonymous meetings that can also help with marijuana addiction. These meetings are usually from 10-12 steps and are well-developed programs. This acts like a forum and you must have social skills and no shame to go out and admit. On top of that, besides requiring social skills and communication, you are not guaranteed that you will cure the addiction. There is a small success rate that is lower than 10%.


Quit Smoking Weed Through a TESTED Program with Step By Step Instructions

Success rate: High

women smokingThis online method already proved that it helped lots of people. It battles marijuana addiction through unique and tested techniques and it is practically one of the most sold e-books related to quitting marijuana. Why? Well because it offers something unique, affordable and something that already helped many marijuana addicts. The author wrote the ebook based on years and years research and the best thing this online book offer is that you can implement the methods easily from the comfort of your own home. The clear instructions will always be available to you and you can surely succeed with no additional fees or be wasting time to go to meetings, visiting doctors or going to rehab.

Here are the pros of this affordable online guide about quit smoking weed:

– It is available in digital copy and you can access it from your computer

– You don’t need to waste your time and money for methods with low probability of success

– you can dictate your own healing process

– Really affordable one-time payment with which you will have great access to expert data

– No need to feel awkward going to meetings or speaking to psychiatrist

Why do we recommend it? Well because we did a thorough research and we couldn’t find something better. Yes, there were other ebooks and tutorials, but most of them didn’t truly work and had tons of negative reviews. This ebook didn’t have any huge negative review and over 90% of the reviews showed that it has extremely high success rate i.e it can help anyone overcome the marijuana dependence problem.

Reasons we recommend this method of how to quit smoking weed .

How To Quit smoking Weed

Basically no significant negative reviews for the program

Tons of positive ones and examples how it helped

We know people that this program actually helped after years of battling with addiction

There is a money back guarantee for everyone that is not satisfied (60 days)

This guide is practically your only affordable hope that you will battle through the side effects of marijuana addiction. With it, you can stop smoking marijuana really fast! All you need to do is implement the planned and suggested steps which are really EASY! Then you’ll be free and feel great again!


Should I invest in It?should i

Even if it doesn’t work you don’t have anything to lose. This is because if it doesn’t work in the promised period of time, you can request your money back. On top of that, the program is cheap and it will cost you as one small bag of weed. So, skip the weed this week, and try this online program. There is a high probability that you will never need marijuana again. That may be your last bag of marijuana!!