Tips to Quit Pot

People have discovered that there is a definite trick to knowing how to quit smoking weed and that trick actually comes in the form of fooling your mind. Even though people say that marijuana is not physically addictive, anyone who has actually used marijuana regularly understands that the brain definitely becomes accustomed to it. There are even for many pot smokers physical withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia that occur when they quit. So, this brings us to the point of this post today.

My top three tips for how to quit smoking weed:

1. Stay active. When a person is going through the quitting process part of their body just wants them to lay down and take it easy. Because stopping marijuana can increase stress and discomfort, many marijuana addicts think that the best policy is to simply ride it out on the couch or drink a few beers and pass out. This is actually the wrong way to go about quitting. What you want to do is activate your body in an activity like sports or other form form of exercise. When you are actively moving around, your brain has to fire up to control your movements. Because of this your brain does not lie “idle” ruminating over and over again about how it does not have any marijuana. Therefore, if you have some buddies that are into basketball, for instance, trying to spend an hour or two partaking of physical activity can help you successfully quit marijuana by getting you through the first few days.

2. Go to Marijuana Anonymous. I know that most marijuana addicts do not like to think of themselves as drug addicts with a problem. Unfortunately this is why so many potheads are never able to quit smoking weed in the first place. The reasoning baffles me. Do you not buy your weed from a drug dealer and use it to get high? Then how is it that you do not consider it a drug and yourself a marijuana addict in need of a solution. At MA you will learn the 12-steps and how to ask God to remove your compulsion to use pot. I know that most weed addicts do not think of God or a higher power very often, but you will be surprised how opening your mind to spiritual principles can help you when trying to give up marijuana.

3. Quit Alcohol. One of the biggest mistakes that marijuana addicts make when they are trying to quit weed is to double down on their alcohol consumption. Part of the reason why they do this makes. They are in withdrawal from the weed and they want to do something that will minimize their pot cravings. Alcohol will take your mind off of uncomfortable marijuana withdrawal symptoms. However, if you start drinking you are weakening your judgment and will power and will, once you are inebriated, find it very difficult to avoid smoking pot if you can find any. For that reason it is strongly advised that you abstain from all alcohol for the first six months that you are not smoking pot.

I hope you found these my top tips to quit pot useful. I know that many marijuana addicts reading this right now are struggling to stay clean from this terrible motivation-killing. The good news that I want to share with you is that you can do it if you stay dedicated and are willing to take spiritual principles and allow them to carry you to the next level. Good luck.

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How to Quit Smoking Weed

When I first decided to learn how to quit smoking weed, I didn’t think that anyone could tell me how to quit smoking marijuana. I already knew. You quit smoking pot by not smoking it anymore. Plain and simple! Today, I laugh at the way that I used to think. The simple fact of the matter is that marijuana addiction is a very real thing. And to overcome it you need to take certain steps and actions. We’ll get to that in a minute.

The thing about weed is that the people who smoke it don’t think they have a problem. “I don’t have a drug problem,” they say, “I just smoke too much weed.” So they never get help for a marijuana addiction because they never think of themselves as marijuana addicts. It usually takes another few years of them being unhappy and feeling unfulfilled before they get back to the original problem and think, maybe it was about quitting weed after all.

Because smoking weed is a very costly enterprise. I spent thousands of dollars on my pot addiction and that’s just in the amount that I spent on the actual marijuana itself. I also lost money from all the time I spent stoned on the couch not being productive. I lost at least one job because of my smoking and I lost a girlfriend as well. I lost a lot. And for what? To sit around on the couch wasting my life with my so-called loser friends. Just to smoke marijuana?

When I decided to quit I was very close minded. I thought that I could quit marijuana on my own and I didn’t need anybody to tell me how. I’d just quit by not smoking. Only it didn’t work because despite what everyone thinks, marijuana is a very powerful drug with addictive properties and a miserable withdrawal syndrome that makes you go back to smoking weed just to sleep. It’s a horrible cycle. The key becomes in breaking the cycle.

But how do you do it? How do you learn how to quit smoking weed? Good question and it’s what this site is all about. I haven’t smoked weed in five years and I am happier, healthier, and wealthier than I have ever been. And, now I share the information, about how to quit, with people on the internet just like many other people. What do I have in common with them? I am willing to share what worked for me and what didn’t. I point you in the right direction and the rest is up to you.

But, you see, that is very important. Because until I was willing to listen to others who actually quit smoking weed, I was destined to just go back to smoking. I could never stay quit because I didn’t know how. Just like you don’t know how right now. But, I am hear to tell you, there is no shame in that. You see, most weed smokers are very close minded. They want to quit, think they can do it on their own and don’t want any one else’s help or advice. If that is you, I certainly understand… However, if you have tried by yourself and, for whatever reason, found yourself smoking again, I am hear to tell you that there is hope.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I would try to quit using marijuana and then when something went wrong (or even if something really good happened) I would be right back to smoking. And I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. But looking back it is very clear. You see there are millions of people who have joined together to help each other give up weed for good. These are usual people just like you and me for whom smoking weed had become a problem and they figured out how to solve it by learning how to quit smoking weed. And many of these people are online willing to give you the same strategies that have worked for them.

Yet, you won’t listen!

Why, because you are close-minded and determined to do it yourself. And you will spend a year a two spinning your wheels and getting high and feeling terrible about yourself and then you’ll be back online looking for information when the information was right in front of you to begin with!

The problem with most weed smokers is that they are unwilling to listen to those who can help them with their marijuana addiction. For me this was rehab and Marijuana Anonymous. I never wanted to end up in MA or rehab because I thought that I was better than that. It never occurred to me that getting help from people who actually have the answer to your problem is not a sign of weakness but a sign of wisdom. And you may be in that frame of mind as well.

The simple fact of the matter was that when I opened my mind and started to listen I suddenly found the answer that I was looking for. And, I was so mad at myself for not looking for it sooner. Once I realized that there were people who could help me, I let them help me! I learned strategies for dealing with triggers and avoiding temptation. I managed to get clean and stay clean and I did it just by taking suggestion and actually listening to people that could help me.

For me, my search started on the internet. I started reading every marijuana rehab website that I could find. I started going to MA. I got a therapist. And I joined a support group. I made dozens of new friends who are now the best friends in my life. And we all were after the same thing — discovering how to quit smoking weed — and we helped each other.

That’s the main point of this website about quitting weed is to tell people to pull their head out of their behind and start accepting the help that is staring them in the face. I know that it won’t be easy, but I am determined to tell you how I quit smoking weed until you realize that you are worth it, that life is worth it, and that you deserve better.

Til next time,
I’m out

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Quit Smoking Weed

At a certain point I had to face the facts. It was time for me to quit smoking weed. The problem was that I knew that I wasn’t a drug addict. That much was clear. I just had a marijuana problem. But, I still didn’t know how to quit weed on my own. Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t quit on my own. But, I also learned that that was okay because there were lots of people around to help me if I would only open my mind.

Most of the people I talk to who want to give up weed don’t actually ask me how to do it. Most of them just tell me that are going to quit. And, when I see them a few months later, I am never shocked to hear that they are still smoking weed. They tried and they tried. But, for whatever reason, they always go back to smoking pot. And there is always a reason.

See, they say, I could quit smoking weed, and I will, but last week I had a fight with my girl (or whatever excuse) and I just needed to get high one more time. Ya know, just for my nerves. And then they pledge to quit marijuana once again. And again they have to no plan. They just think that they can just decide to give up weed and then they’ll just never smoke again. As if it works that way.

Most people have to try to quit smoking pot about 5 or 6 times on their own before they become willing to listen. If this is your first attempt to stop using cannabis then you probably won’t listen to me either. You’ll spend the next 6 months trying to quit only to smoke again. You’ll blame it on an excuse or say you wanted one last time. Whatever. You just won’t stop smoking. It will take you another 6 months to a year before you find yourself more miserable than ever and you finally become willing to listen. If that’s where you are, I understand. I was there once myself. I suggest you bookmark this site so that you can come back to it in a little while when you get more serious about quitting marijuana. No hard feelings I promise!

If you’re already at the point where you are serious about learning how to quit smoking weed then I think you are finally ready to listen. And, folks, that’s the whole game. In order to be successful, not just in giving up pot but in life in general, you need to open your mind and listen to people who have already done what you are trying to do. By doing this one simple thing, opening your mind you can begin to learn how to actually get somewhere in life and stop just spinning your wheels.

Now, that’s really the only thing that separates the winners from the losers. The losers simply are too bullheaded to listen to the people that have been where they’ve been.

Well, what if you are ready to stop smoking marijuana once and for all? Then you are finally ready to listen! The first thing that you need to do is educate yourself. The best place for this is the internet where there are thousands of people like me who are sharing the information that you need. Take this website, for instance, all I do here is tell you how I quit smoking weed. If you want to take my advice and open your mind, that is up to you. It’s your life! It’s all up to you!

For me, once I was willing to consider ideas that were once unthinkable. Like maybe a treatment center, rehab or therapy program could help me — they’re really not as expensive as you think even if you don’t have insurance — I was ready to take step one. Now, you may be thinking that rehab is not for you. Don’t worry it’s not the only way to quit smoking weed, however you NEED to listen to the free information that a lot of these rehab websites do offer about quitting. Just because you are determined to avoid something does not mean that you should shoot the messenger. These people know a thing or two about quitting marijuana because they have actually helped thousands of people to quit smoking weed. Imagine that!

I know that this post is turning into a rant, and I am sorry. Sometimes I just get so frustrated that people refuse to accept help and keep trying to “do it own their own” all the way to jail. Do not become a statistic! The sooner you realize that not smoking marijuana is actually the secret to realizing your potential, the sooner you can actually begin to achieve that potential.

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Help for Marijuana Addiction

I never thought that I needed help for my marijuana addiction. I always thought that when the time was right I would just quit. And if the time never came than I would just smoke weed until I die. I never saw anything wrong with that for a long time. Then things started to go wrong for me. My employer started doing random drug screens and I came up dirty for weed. After a long situation, I ended up losing that job. That was a blow. But the worst thing was when my girlfriend left me for an investment banker because of my marijuana addiction.

She said she didn’t want to end up with a loser like me who hung out at my house with smoking weed with my roommates all day long. Finally I decided that I might have a marijuana problem. And, I decided that I didn’t like myself very much and that I needed to make some changes in my life. The first thing I decided was that I had to quit smoking marijuana.

But how to do it? How do you quit smoking weed? I certainly didn’t know what to do. I thought I could just stop smoking weed and be done with it, however it did not really work out that way. What happened was that I had terrible marijuana withdrawal. I got anxiety and irritability plus I couldn’t sleep at night. Things would get so bad that I couldn’t stand it anymore and I’d break down and smoke some weed. This happened a few times and it always ended the same way, with me telling me what a loser that I was because I had a problem with marijuana.

Around this time, I had heard about some people who had discovered how to quit weed but I didn’t trust them at all. I was very close minded back then! I thought that I would do it myself no matter what what. I wasn’t a drug addict after all, I just smoked too much weed. See, I was closed minded.

A the time if someone had told me exactly how to quit smoking pot, I wouldn’t have believed them. I would have been suspicious but most of all I just wouldn’t have listened because I did not want anyone telling me how to do it. If I couldn’t do it myself then it wasn’t worth doing.

Does that sound familiar? Just about every person I have spoken to who wanted to quit smoking went through a phase where they wouldn’t listen to anyone’s advice on quitting smoking pot. All they would do was insist that they could handle there business and quit on there own. If that is the shape you are in, then don’t worry — Everyone was there once.

What I finally learned was that it wasn’t weak to ask for help on how to quit smoking weed. It wasn’t stupid to try the same strategies that have worked for millions of people. It was smart. When I realized this I couldn’t believe how bull headed I had been. I realized what better thing that to listen to the people who actually know!

I also realized that I needed to start calling this thing by the proper name. It was an addiction. I needed help for marijuana addiction! Once I came to the realization that I was just like everyone else who was struggling with weed, I realized that I could start to take direction and take steps that would help me give it up.

I searched all over the internet for information about marijuana addiction. I read blogs and websites and articles. I talked on forums to lots of former weed smokers who had overcome their addiction. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Everyone was offering me help, and they were totally willing to help me. I felt so stupid! Why didn’t I open my eyes sooner. All I had to do was visit a few websites that were all about how to quit smoking weed and open my eyes.

I started at MA but I read every website I could find. And, lo and behold, I started to get some answers. The fact of the matter was that once I was willing to open my eyes and do my part, the information just seemed to find me.

So, that’s the first step in getting help for your marijuana addiction: Educating yourself. Stop living in the shadows and step out into the light my friend.

More to come.

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How to Stop Smoking Weed

I know how hard it can be to give up smoking weed. I have been there myself. There was a time in my life when I smoked pot every day. I spend thousands of dollars on my marijuana habit and for a while things were great. Unfortunately, after a little while, things started to go downhill. Weed started to cause problems in my life. I had work related problems. I had relationship problems. I had money problems. I had legal problems. After a little while of this, I realized that for me smoking weed just wasn’t worth it. So I started to quit marijuana on my own.


I couldn’t stop. I had become dependent on weed like an alcoholic on alcohol. When I didn’t smoke for a few days I got irritable. I got cranky. I got tired. I couldn’t sleep at all. And, eventually I just ended up smoking weed again. It was a horrible cycle. And I knew it was one that couldn’t continue if I was going to become the success in life that I knew God intended me to be. So I started looking for help on how to quit smoking weed.


I couldn’t find any help. Oh sure there were websites but most of them were selling some book on how to quit smoking marijuana in ten days or something and you had to pay to get the secret answer. Well, I didn’t like this at all. I knew that there had to be good sources of information on quitting weed. But, I couldn’t find them. There was nothing that fit what I was looking for. I figured that maybe God just wanted me to keep on getting high. I was ready to give up.


I was miserable. I wasn’t having fun smoking weed anymore. It used to be fun, but it wasn’t nearly as amusing as it was when I was in high school and was carefree and had no worries. So, that’s when I decided to do something about it. I took a path that I know many people are not willing to do, but I did it. I went to Marijuana Anonymous to see what they are selling. I was skeptical at first that they could teach me to quit smoking so much marijuana, but I was desperate to make a change. You see, I knew that my destiny wasn’t to sit on the couch with a blunt all day long watching cartoons and being broke. Maybe that’s all you have ever wanted in life was to smoke weed and be left alone. But I knew that I was different. I wanted something better for myself.

Where was I?

Yes, when I made the decision to stop smoking weed. The main thing I found out was that, outside of MA, there wasn’t good information on how to stop smoking weed. And, once I was clean for a couple of months and I had figured out how to quit smoking for good, I decided that I wanted to do something about it. I decided that I wanted to share the information that I had learned with others for free. I thought about what was the best way to do this when it dawned it on.

I should start a website all about how to quit smoking weed. So, I did. And this is it. On this website I am going to share strategies for quitting weed that actually work. I know they work because they worked for me. Therefore, I know they will work for you. One final note. I didn’t learn everything I know about this by keeping my head buried in the sand. I became willing to listen to others who actually had the answer. I didn’t reject things that I had been prejudiced about before. I read hundreds of websites learning how other people quit smoking marijuana. I read everything that I could get my hands on. Because, I found that there were many people out there who DID know how to stop. All I had to do was stop being so hard headed and start listening to them.

So, that is my final advice to you. If you want to quit smoking the ganja then start listening when people tell you what works. And be proactive. Look around! The information is there if you are willing to look for it.

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